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Earth from Above with Drone Photos

Pictures by Vladislav Terziyski

Drone photography is a solitary hobby that requires a lot of sacrifices. But when you get up in the morning and go out of the tent to the mountain ridge, looking at the red sky and the horizon from which the sun is about to come up, you realize that all this staying in the cold, the long walking and getting up early are worth it.

Aerial Photography Using Paraplanner in Winter


Yavor Michev was attracted to photography long before he enrolled in Ruse University, Bulgaria  in 1993. It became an indispensable part of his daily life.

In 2007 he flew on a motor delta planer for the first time. What he saw during this flight and his passion for photography opened up new horizons and new opportunities for his projects. Since then he has focused all his creative energy and technical skills precisely in this direction.

Yavor prefers to take pictures from a paraplanner or a motor delta planer. To be able to concentrate entirely on the photographic aspect, he usually relies on experienced pilots. In extreme situations professional digital equipment gives him the freedom and confidence to make his wildest dreams come true. So he takes out the best from his camera.

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Artificial Intelligence ​​is just a tool in favour of the people

Veselin Raichev has won multiple prestigious prizes in several national and international competitions in mathematics and science. His love for them comes from an early age, and the most important driving force for him is continuous learning and desire to develop. AI is a tool and nothing more. The tools make people more effective and enable them to work less and live better.

If there is some kind of injustice in this improvement, it’s probably because of the public system, which is the work of others. We, as humans must decline to make the AI ​​more alive than us. The area which I work in connects programming languages ​​and machine self-learning. The goal is to create tools that read a large number of programs and learn how to write new programs. We already have some results – for example, we can predict how a person should name their variables by writing a code through JSNice.

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Working for Google

Veselin Raichev has worked as a software engineer for Google, where he has been engaged in Google Maps and Google Translate.

Google employees can use 20% of their time to work on projects that are important to them, that may become important for the company, but are not the main thing they are hired for. For me such project was Google Translate, which I collected data for, trained systems from Bulgarian to English and vice versa, adjusted them and added a module that conjugated words. Google Translate had one of the best teams that I’ve ever worked with. I spent 20% of one year for that, which is not a lot of time, and therefore I have not contributed as much as the people who were creating the whole system.

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