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Skype on Chromebook in 5 Easy Steps

To use Skype Video Calls on Chrome follow this steps:

1. Add the app ARC Welder from Chrome Web Store.

2. Download the Skype APK version 4.9 from

3. Open ARC Welder App and choose your download folder. Click on Add your APK.
Select the downloaded Skype APK and click the open button

Screenshots from ARC Welder / Steps 3 and 4
4. On the next screen select Maximized and click Launch App.

5. You have to wait 30 seconds. Use the time to right click on the Skype icon and select Pin. Now you have quick access for future use. If you have a black screen with an error, just right click on it and reload.

Have fun with Skype Video Calls and Chat!

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If you like step by step videos you can check this one.

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